Levitating Anti Gravity Bookcase Globe

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Modernise your home Library or bookshelf with this Levitating Bookcase Globe that looks so cool floating over the bookcase lookalike. People will think it's magic! Globes show what the earth looks like, but the earth isn't mounted to a spindle or placed on top of a plastic stand. Here's a globe that shows the world the way it really is. This levitating globe uses a magnetic disk to magically float in the air. You can place your hand above, below or around the globe and it will continue to float and you can send it into a slow spin with a gentle touch. You can levitate the provided globe. It's sure to be an endless source of fascination and fun.

  • Looks amazing & ultra modern- Floats over bookcase
  • Perfect for in a Library or bookcase
  • Can be used anywhere with power source nearby
  • 360° rotation

Globe Size: 3 inch(8.5cm diameter)
Book size: 20*12*2.1cm
Color: blue
Feature: Simulating Book Shape Base
Type 1: Magnetic Levitating Globe
Type 2: Desktop Decor
Type 3: globe world Map

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